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Yohimburn is a yohimbine-based cream that increases fat burning at the site where it is applied. Diuretic factors are added so you can see your results as they occur. Results should usually be apparent after two weeks of use. Yohimburn works by getting your body to produce more of the fat burning chemical norepinephrine in the area that it is applied to.

Yohimburn is most effective in areas that have a high number and density of Alpha 2 adrenoceptors. Estrogen determines the number and density of these A2 in fatty tissue. This is part of the reason that women have more and larger fatty areas, areas including but are not limited to the thighs, lower back, triceps (back of the arm), hips and butt. Men also produce some estrogen and are exposed to estrogenic chemicals. The primary fatty areas for men's are lower back, lower abs, love handles and chest.

Yohimburn DF is the basic yohimburn formula. Yohimburn ES is the "extra strength" version. It can work on body areas that have fewer Alpha 2 adenoreceptors. And it has enhanced fat burning and energy effects. Several of ingredients in Yohimburn ES, including yohimbine, theophylline, caffeine, and theobromine are mild CNS stimulants. Even though they are applied topically they will still have some stimulatory effect. The effect is typically lasts less than 2 hours following application of the product