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Tribulus terrestris is an herbal product that has the ability to maintain or even raise your natural testosterone levels by signaling your body to keep producing lutenizing hormone (LH) which in turn manages the production of testosterone. Increased testosterone leads to increased lean body mass through greater anabolic action, as well as a higher metabolic rate for more lipolysis (fat burning), greater appetite, and possibly more sexual vitality and libido. This is a good product for men past 40, when their hormone levels begin to decline significanlty.

If you are using steroids (illegal in the U.S. without a prescription), your natural testosterone production shuts down after a few weeks and stays depressed for weeks after discontinuing whatever it was you were using. You know that is happening because of the inevitable temporary testicle shrinkage and, often, a loss of libido. Tribulus tricks your body into not seeing the exogenous hormones, thus allowing LH to continue being produced normally. So, it is useful during a steroid cycle. If you only use it afterward or between cycles, it may help bring your natural testosterone back on-line faster.

There are many different potencies of tribulus. The key factor is the amount of the active component called furostanols or steroidal saponins. 45% is considered to an extremely high grade. However, with newer extraction techniques, supplements companies are producing even higher grade tribulus products. Also, tribulus is not the only source of furostanols. Other abundant herbal sources are fenugreek and Dioscorea deltoida, so you will find some high potency blends in the marketplace.