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Cooking Truly Low Carb, Volumes 1 & 2
by Karen Rysavy


Cooking TLC contains a wide variety of recipes, ranging from appetizers and condiments to main dishes to rich and tasty baked desserts. All recipes can be made from easily found ingredients. This popular cookbook will remind you of a favorite old family recipebook in its scope and practicality. Karen Rysavy, the author, is an Atkins Success Story. She has carefully tested each recipe to make sure it is easy to make and is flavorful.

Why follow a low carb regimen? Because it is a healthier way of eating. In spite of all the years promoting low fat diets, low carb has been proved by research to be a superior way of controlling weight and improving health through eating. Of course, you shouldn't decide that low fat is bad. It isn't, but in that case, it depends on the source of fats. Nevertheless, the typical American's daily food selection has an overabundance of carbohydrates in it. Excessive carbs force an excessive insulin response which leads to greater fat storage. At the extreme end of the scale, a host of illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease, can be the result of a so-called "normal" diet.

Here is a sampling of the tasty recipes you will find in this cookbook:

Crab Puffs
Red Pepper Hummus
Teriyaki Jerky
Creamy Italian Parmesan Dressing
Beef Stew
Santa Fe Chicken
Sausage Gravy
Barbecued Beans
Mock-a-Roni and Cheese
Blueberry Muffins
Coconut Cream Pie
Peanut Butter Cookies

More information about the Cooking TLC cookbooks, as well as articles, links, and a discussion forum, can be found at the Truly Low Carb website

Many people have been happily using Cooking TLC to successfully support their low carb lifestyles and maintain healthy lower body weights Here are some of their rave reviews:

A MUST HAVE for anyone on low carb or considering it
Cooking TLC is like a kitchen "bible" for anyone considering or currently eating a low carb way of life. If you are considering eating low carb and think "you will miss" certain items and are unsure you could stick with it, this will put things into perspective, you won't miss out on sweets or breads. She also has a Green Chili recipe for a main dish that is great! The Peanut Nirvana is a favorite with me. Also a vanilla nut muffin for a breakfast on the run. This will be money well spent!! I had only bought 2 other low carb books before this and never cooked anything from them - there was nothing new - here you will find something for the entire family, I am the only one on low carb with a husband and two children, and they enjoy it too!

Practically manna from heaven
I really don't know how I managed to stick with low-carb before finding Cooking TLC. I'd purchased every low-carb cookbook I could get my hands on and found a few recipes in each one that I could enjoy (and find all the ingredients for!). Then I stumbled upon Cooking TLC - and I can honestly say it changed my life. This cookbook has everything you could possibly think of to make a low-carb lifestyle a happy one. I use these recipes several times a week - if not every single day. Nearly every recipe is easy to make, with ingredients you'll already have (or will have no trouble finding), and tastes spectacular. Imagine this ... muffins and cake on a low-carb diet!

If you're on a low-carb diet, or even considering giving it a shot - you owe it to yourself to purchase this cookbook.

The very best Low Carb Cookbook on the market
I absolutely love this cookbook. The recipes are easy and fast to make and they taste fantastic!!! I use this cookbook daily and love trying all the variations provided. My favorites are the Nirvana, Cheese Pots and Meaty Chili. I have made these dishes for my non-low carb friends and they did not even know the difference. This cookbook is a definite "MUST" for anyone on a low carb lifestyle.

Great cookbook!
Reviewer: tshores (see more about me) from Pine Bluff, AR United States
From chocolate cake to catsup, this book won't disappoint you. I (and my non low-carb family) love the peanut butter cupcakes and cookies, cinnamon coffee cake, almond biscotti - I could go on and on. I have two bookshelves full of low carb cookbooks, but this is the one, folks!

Low Carb Cookbook Classic
The ONLY LC cookbook I use!! I bought ALL the other FANCY books but go back to Karen's book (AND website) every day. This book is for LC addicts!! A recipe for every taste and level of ambition. No typos! Very impressive. Accurate and explicit instructions. Folds flat and wipes clean. Everything I want/need in a cookbook.

Absolutely Wonderful!
Karen Rysavy's TLC Cookbook it the ultimate resource for DELICIOUS low carb recipes. She has created tasty, healthy, easy to prepare recipes. I've purchased several low carb cookbooks in the past, and this is the one that I use almost daily.