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by ProLab


Cuts II from ProLab is an outstanding product for safe fat loss and lean definition. It contains no stimulants, which are commonly found in most products today.

Most formulas with L-carnitine do not contain enough of it to be effective. Cuts II has 500 mg. of L-carnitine per serving. Every cell contains mitochondria, which are the"furnaces" of the cells. L-carnitine increases the transport of fats to mitochondria where they are burned as fuel. Choline, inositol, methionine, B6, and the essential fatty acids lineolic acid and oleic acid are all proven to have a major role in fat metabolism.

A blend of the uva ursi, buchu, doggrass, cornsilk, hydrangea root, and juniper berry, plus parsley and chlorophyll make up an herbal blend that have a diuretic effect. They rid the body of excess water, helping a more defined physique to emerge. Potassium gluconate helps regulate cell fluid levels and promotes osmotic balance in the body. It is used to balance the effect of the diuretic herbs.

Grapefruit powder is a source of the flavanone naringenin. Naringenin has been shown to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and total blood lipid (fat) levels in animal research. Over the last century grapefruit diets have been popular and successful.

Chromium picolinate helps stabilize insulin and blood sugar levels to prevent the creation and storage of more fat.

Each two tablets contain: L-carnitine 550 mg., lecithin 500 mg., choline 500 mg., inositol 500 mg., methionine 200 mg., vitamin B6 40 mg., lineolic acid 100 mg., oleic acid 50 mg., herb blend (uva ursi, buchu, doggrass, cornsilk, hydrangea root, juniper berries) 60 mg., parsley 200 mg., potassium gluconate 200 mg., chlorophyll 2000 mcg., grapefruit powder 100 mg., chromium picolinate 100 mcg .

Recommended usage: 2 tablets 3 times daily with 8 oz. of water. Take 1/2 hour before exercise and at bedtime.